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Bridge collapses during its opening ceremony falling guests into river

Bridge collapses during its opening ceremony have causes dozens of dignitaries flying into a river when a brand new bridge collapsed. The mayor of the Mexican city of Cuernavaca proudly led officials and journalists across the hanging footbridge made of wooden slats and metal chains.

But the walkway could not hold their weight and dramatically buckled, plunging them into the murky water below. At least 25 people were injured, including the mayor’s wife who needs surgery on her leg. ‘There were a lot of people jumping. That was reckless,’ mayor José Luis Urióstegui said.

Mr Urióstegui also admitted the bridge’s capacity may have been exceeded. ‘There were more of us than there should have been there,’ he said. Footage shows a man jumping up and down moments before the collapse. It snaps as the man lands, but he actually manages to hold on to the chain line and remains suspended several feet over the rocks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the people on the bridge, including the photographer taking pictures, all fall several feet. Cuernavaca, located just south of Mexico City, has long been a weekend getaway for the capital’s residents due to its abundance of water and balmy climate.

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