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Colombia: Body of 23-year-old female DJ found in suitcase

Valentina Trespalacios

A Colombian DJ has been found dead inside a suitcase at a dumpster as police hunt down her suspect boyfriend.

The body of Valentina Trespalacios, 23, was found inside the luggage in Fontibon, Bogota, on January 22.

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Police believe she was throttled after an autopsy found deep grooves in her neck, which could have been caused by strangulation.

The prime suspect is Valentina’s boyfriend, 35-year-old American John Poulos, according to local reports.

He has been missing since cops made the shocking discovery and he has also deleted his social media accounts.

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He had been dating the popular DJ, who has almost 16,000 followers on Instagram.

The discovery was made when a man spotted the suitcase in a dumpster.

But when he opened it, he was horrified to find the young woman’s body folded up inside and called police.

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During an inspection of the scene, investigators found personal items belonging to the DJ next to her body.

These included a student ID issued by Uninpahu University, where Valentina was reportedly studying trade and global business technology.

Autopsy results showed that she had a “pressure groove in the hyoid region” but no other visible signs of violence.

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Police Lieutenant Colonel Camilo Torres told local media: “Work is being carried out with security cameras in the area to identify the alleged perpetrators.”

According to reports, Valentina had gone to a party with Poulos.

The American had allegedly travelled from his home to the Colombian capital to propose to her.

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Police are now trying to confirm if he has fled the country.

Grieving uncle Carlos Trespalacios said of his niece: “She was a national and international DJ with a great future, she was hired by the best clubs in Bogota and the country and she also had the opportunity to go to other South American countries.”

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