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Consolidated chapel of NUJ praises Pelican boss on success in housing sector

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Pelican Valley, Babatunde Adeyemo, and the leadership of the Consolidated Chapel of the NUJ.

Babatunde Adeyemo, CEO of Pelican Valley, receives accolades from the leadership of NUJ‘s Consolidated Chapel in Ogun Council for his continuous support to local media professionals and his noteworthy contributions to society.

His commitment to both journalism and community betterment has earned him this commendation.

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The compliment was given by the chairman of Chapel, Mr. Olusegun Olukoga while paying a courtesy visit to Pelican Valley’s corporate office in the state capital of Abeokuta.

Adeyemo’s success in the real estate industry, according to Olukoga, is something the chapel is proud of and serves as inspiration for its members.

He stated that the body is prepared to work with the real estate company on ways to empower its members and that the visit was motivated by the desire of the new leadership to seek collaboration with relevant stakeholders to foster unity towards collective self-reliance and development of the society.

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Adeyemo in his response, praised the Chapel’s leadership for visiting him and referred to it as his family.

He continued by stating that the federal government must work with private estate owners to address the housing shortage and make homes affordable for Nigerians.

Adeyemo, who bemoaned the current status of the economy, begged the Federal government to find a quick fix for the difficult economic situation in the nation.

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Insisting that Nigerians would continue to bear the weight, he argued that homes could not be cheap in the weak economy that all levels of government must attract investors by providing easy access to land, and that they must be innovative.

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