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Dubai’s robotic food delivery put on show at Barcelona summit

A delivery robot picking up an order from Starbucks to take to Dubai Silicon Oasis

About 100 food deliveries per week are being made to Dubai residences by a fleet of autonomous robots.

At a summit in Barcelona, Spain, one of the delivery robots was put on a show for top transport officials from across the world.

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When transporting orders from Dubai malls to residences in pilot zones, the compact Road and Transport Authority cars navigate the roads using GPS.

Following a three-month experiment that began in February, the robots are now providing a regular service in a few areas.

The goal, according to Self Driving Group’s Sergei Kirillov, who created the robotics for the car, is to broaden the project’s scope.

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“The following step is to bring on more vendors. We already make 100 deliveries each week, and Mr. Kirillov told The National that he wants to increase that number.

He claimed that the robots were ideal for farther-flung locations where couriers might be reluctant to travel for a single job.

The Barcelona summit’s A-307 robot roamed the rooms as business leaders discussed the potential of autonomous vehicles.

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Khalid Alhogail, the head of Saudi Transport, the outgoing president of the International Association of Public Transport, and Mohamed Mezghani, the secretary general of the organization from Tunisia, all saw it.

According to trial data, the Dubai robot operated automatically 97% of the time, with human intervention only necessary when the pavement was obstructed.

If necessary, a team to repair a malfunctioning robot can be dispatched, but this hasn’t happened yet.

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In the US, South Korea, and Israel, robots similar to those in Dubai are in use.

According to Mr. Kirillov, the device runs on pavements but is capable of navigating autos and motorcycles as well as thousands of daily traffic crossings.

“The system is very advanced because it was originally developed for managing self-driving cars on roads at high speeds,” he said.

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The robot is now arguably the most advanced delivery robot in existence after we simply squeezed this system into a smaller body.

Dubai’s transportation officials revealed during the conference their ambitions to introduce flying taxis and make zero-emission buses the standard by 2050.

Dubai has a “vision of being the world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility,” according to Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the RTA.

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At the summit’s opening ceremony, he urged participants to “continue working together to create a cleaner, safer, and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.”

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