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ex-deputy mayor of Newark Ugo Nwaokoro commends Peter Obi political inspirational journey

Ugo Nwaokoro and Peter Obi

HOUSTON, Texas (FMGWIRE) – In a heartfelt message from a press release, addressing the recent political developments in Nigeria, Ugo Nwaokoro, former Deputy Mayor of the City of Newark in New Jersey, United States has expressed his admiration for Peter Obi.

“While you may not be familiar with me, and it’s unlikely that you’ll come across this message, I want to convey a sentiment that has been weighing on my mind.

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If at any point you find yourself burdened with the thought that you’ve crushed the aspirations of earnest, underprivileged Nigerians who placed their faith in your vision, please understand that the quiet you perceive is not a manifestation of disappointment directed at you,” Nwaokoro in the press released shared on Facebook after the Election Tribunal judgment.

Instead, it represents a recognition of the pervasive corruption you courageously challenged by merely stepping into the arena of political leadership.

Ugo Nwaokoro poses for picture at the Newark’s City Hall in New Jersey

Hon. Nwaokoro commended Obi for his ability to galvanize a diverse spectrum of citizens, including the marginalized and disheartened, who had long abandoned hope in the Nigerian project.

The former Deputy Mayor emphasized that amidst the prevailing challenges and corruption plaguing Nigeria’s political landscape, Obi’s resilience and courage stood as a testament to his dedication to effecting positive change.

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The recent political developments, with divisive figures emerging, have revealed the magnitude of corruption and the collusion of political elites in preserving the status quo.

Nwaokoro urged Obi to remember that genuine leadership is not solely defined by titles or offices held but by the transformative impact one can have through words, deeds, and character.

He drew parallels to the influence of historical figures like Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, who, without official titles or offices, inspired lasting change and social progress.

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Obi’s efforts, according to Nwaokoro, have exposed divisive forces such as tribalism and nepotism while highlighting the systemic barriers that hinder individuals from fulfilling their potential based on their heritage.

Nwaokoro praised Peter for sparking a fire within the hearts of Nigerians and enabling them to envision a future where change is possible.

In conclusion, Nwaokoro likened Obi’s impact to the historical actions of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, which paved the way for significant advancements in civil rights and eventually led to the election of leaders like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris.

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He conveyed his hopes that, regardless of the outcome of Obi’s political journey, the spark ignited by his tenacity would continue to grow.

Inspiring future generations to work toward breaking free from the bonds of tribalism and elitism that have long plagued Nigeria.

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