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I have no preferred candidates to lead 10th NASS – Tinubu

President-elect, Bola Tinubu

*February 25th elections not perfect – Adamu

Bola Tinubu, the incoming president, declared on Monday that he had no particular candidates in mind to lead the 10th National Assembly.

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At a gathering hosted by the ruling APC at the Old Banquet Hall, Presidential Villa, Abuja, Bola Tinubu addressed newly elected members of the National Assembly.

This comes as the APC has urged the newly elected senators and members of the house of representatives to resume work in preparation for the party’s win in the governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections scheduled for Saturday, March 18, in their respective states.

Senator Kashim Shettima, the vice president-elect, presented the president-position election on the makeup of the leadership of the upcoming 10th National Assembly at the meeting.

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In order to avoid a repeat of the 2015 situation, in which the party lost control of the chambers’ affairs despite holding the majority of seats in both Houses.

It was rumored that the meeting was called by the ruling party to determine the likely distribution of leadership offices in the two chambers of the next National Assembly.

It would be an understatement, according to Senator Abdullahi Adamu, National Chairman of the APC, to declare that the people have clearly chosen the ruling party.

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“We asked the folks three times to give us the thumbs up, and three times they did not hesitate to do so,” he claimed. This occurred in 2015.

Something happened in 2019. In 2023, they have already repeated the act. It serves as a reminder that those who receive much also have much to give.

To say that a lot has been given to us is an understatement. We must pay it forward by contributing to the people and our beloved country far more.

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He was pleased that despite the meeting’s short notice, a large number of people showed up.

It is not an understatement to say that our attendance at this meeting indicates that we are ready to work with the president-elect, said Adamu.

He informed the Vice President and the President-elect that they make up the new Nigerian team.

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The responsibility for our nation’s unity, peace, and growth will fall on your shoulders as a team starting on May 29 of this year, he declared. Both the old and the new were infused as a result of the national assembly elections.

This combination of the young and the aged ought to foster positive working relationships.

“The experience and age of the returning members, some of whom are now nearly permanent fixtures in the legislature, must be used to temper the exuberance of the new members.

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“Your elections provide witness to the people’s rekindled faith in our party’s ability to carry out its pledges to create a wealthy, unified, and inclusive country where the green passport serves as our common identity as countrymen.

As the National Chairman of our party, I have the honor of being able to lead it to victory with your unwavering support and unwavering dedication to our shared cause as a party.

This is a matter of personal pride tinged with humility for me. It was not simple, as the Onitsha man likes to remark.

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No less a source of our collective pride, laced with gratitude, should be the fact that, despite what our critics and troublemakers may claim.

APC has inured to deepen our democracy and has given back to the people the power to institute governments of their choice.

“I am delighted to report that we accomplished this accomplishment and fulfilled President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to the populace.

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“There were no allegations of vote-buying and no uproar over all the other wrongs linked with the conduct of our elections for the first time in living memory.

Rigging has been severed, yet it may not actually be dead. We are evolving alongside our democracy as it grows.

The APC won the presidency, hands down, and a majority in both houses of the national assembly, according to the results of the general elections on February 25, 2023, as announced thus far by the electoral umpire, INEC.

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