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Man beats pregnant wife to death in Oyo, denied claims

A picture of a pregnant woman

In Ibadan, Oyo State, Niyi Adebanjo, 40, is accused of killing his 35-year-old wife Toyin by beating her to death.

According to information gathered on Wednesday, the late Toyin, a mother of two who was nine months pregnant, was beaten by her husband on Monday night, February 20, 2023, in their apartment in the Fodasis neighbourhood of the Ring road in the state’s Ibadan South West Local Government Area over an unspecified argument.

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According to our correspondent’s inquiries, the deceased had been the victim of domestic violence for a very long time without her family members being aware of it.

Iyabo Akinbode, the mother of the victim, claimed that her husband killed her daughter in a Wednesday interview. I had no idea she was a victim of spousal abuse, Kinbode exclaimed.

She kept her passage through all of this crap a secret from the family. She mentioned having a headache in a phone call two days before she passed away.

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I also advised her to take action regarding her ongoing headache. Attempting to see her doctor is advised.

“Because she was not feeling well, she called me again the next day, which was Monday. When I arrived, I learned that her spouse hits her. She was nine months pregnant at the time.

She called me on Tuesday and said she wanted to go get some pap, so I went. nevertheless, as the situation deteriorated.

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I called the woman’s husband, who advised me to take her to a nearby pharmacy, but I adamantly refused.

“I then drove her to Bolumole, Challenge, and The Light hospital.

When we arrived, I immediately started calling her husband, but he wasn’t available till she passed away in the evening.

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When her husband showed up after she passed away, some of her friends who had come to the hospital began tormenting her husband, claiming that he killed her because she had told them about what was happening in her marital house.

This is terrible because, just a few days before she passed away, she was supposed to give birth to a newborn child.

She was so badly battered that she was internally bleeding. This is very sad! I’ve been wearing this outfit since I lost her, as you can see.

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In response to the accusation, the late wife’s husband, Adebanjo, acknowledged that he had a problem with her infidelity in 2018, which was handled that year thanks to the help of his older brothers from Lagos.

She allegedly continued to be unfaithful, according to Adebanjo, who claimed: “Really, my wife and I had a problem previously, very alright.

That happened in 2018, or roughly five years ago. I beat her at the time, but I haven’t touched her since.

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“I didn’t hit her again. When I saw a nude photo sent to her by one of her concubines and a nude picture of her sent back to him, I saw someone I didn’t beat. I didn’t do anything to her then, so why would I beat her until she was dead now? They are merely attempting to seduce me as someone who is nine months pregnant.

“All of these accusations were made to trap me. If you want to see the doctor’s report, you can. She died, according to the doctor, of excessive blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

They were even told by the police that if they weren’t satisfied after the funeral, they may exhume her body. So why are they extorting money from me? He spoke.

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Further information reveals that the incident was reported to Orita Police Station and that the victim was later laid to rest in a private cemetery called Oke Itunu in the state’s Ibadan North Local Government District.

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