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Mason Greenwood will not Play for Man Utd again, club decides

Mason Greenwood at front

*Club make decision to part ways with player amid controversy
*Female fans expressed their dissent during the team’s inaugural home match by staging a protest against the club

Manchester United Plc has announced that footballer Mason Greenwood will not be making a return to the club’s roster following the conclusion of an internal investigation, reports.

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This decision comes shortly after a leaked plan to reintegrate him into the team sparked controversy, according to the reports.

The 21-year-old player has been absent from the club since January 2022, during which time he faced legal troubles and was arrested on charges of attempted rape, assault, and controlling and coercive behavior.

While the charges were dropped in February of the current year, the club’s internal investigation determined that Greenwood was not guilty of the original offenses he was charged with.

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However, both the player and the club have mutually agreed that he will pursue his career elsewhere, away from Manchester United.

Throughout the decision-making process, the club consulted with various stakeholders, including supporters’ groups, sponsors, and the women’s team.

According to reports, the club’s ownership by the US-based Glazer family since 2005 further influenced the considerations.

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In a coordinated statement, Greenwood expressed his innocence regarding the accusations and highlighted that he had been cleared of all charges in February.

While he acknowledged making mistakes in his personal relationships, he took responsibility for the circumstances that led to his arrest and subsequent social media backlash.

Richard Arnold, the Chief Executive of Manchester United, provided insight into the decision in a letter to fans, emphasizing his role in maintaining unity within the club and minimizing distractions.

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The club remains committed to supporting both the alleged victim and Greenwood as they move forward in their lives.

The decision reflects a collaborative effort to ensure the well-being of all parties involved and to uphold the club’s values.

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