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Naira scarcity: NLC directs workers to protest at CBN offices

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Due to the country’s severe cash shortage, the NLC on Wednesday formally launched a statewide strike. At a press conference for the media in Abuja, the union’s national president, Joe Ajaero, issued the instruction.

Additionally, he ordered that the NLC’s affiliate unions be prepared to protest at any of the country’s CBN locations.

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The NLC gave the Federal Government a seven-day deadline to stop the country’s cash and fuel shortages.

In an interview with journalists, Ajaero claimed that after the ultimatum’s expiration, the NLC turned to industrial action as a final alternative.

He claimed that the federal government and the CBN had failed to demonstrate any commitment to resolving the issue, making the choice to picket the CBN branches imperative.

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Ajaero bemoaned the fact that things kept growing worse despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that the old N200, N500, and N1000 notes will continue to be valid until December 31, 2023.

He claimed that employees lacked access to funds to pay for transportation to work or to buy food for their families.

He also criticized the petroleum industry’s price inconsistencies.

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“We provided a deadline for a review of the country’s cash constraint last week, but we have learned to our dismay that not much has been done to improve the situation as of yet. The government is still dragging its feet on the concerns we brought up, according to Ajaero.

“In light of this, we reconvened this morning to discuss our stance and decided that by the following Wednesday, all CBN branches would be picketed. People cannot eat, employees cannot go to the office, and workers are instructed to stay at home too because people cannot eat, workers can no longer go to the office, we have been pushed to the wall.

“We have made the decision to take control of our destiny, and we have organized our workforce for this exercise.”

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities, the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, and the National Union of Road Transport Workers are just a few of the 43 unions that are affiliated with the NLC.

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