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NBA urges FG to obey Supreme Court verdict on new naira

Yakubu Maikyau

The Federal Government’s position on its naira redesign program has been denounced by the Nigerian Bar Association.

In a statement issued by Yakubu Maikyau, the association requests adherence to the ruling rendered on March 3 in action number. SC/CV/162/2023 by the Supreme Court.

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The NBA revealed that after the naira redesign strategy was announced, it held extensive consultations with significant national stakeholders to determine how the policy may affect Nigeria’s economy and people.

In addition, the group of lawyers claimed that the CBN’s cash swap program, which went into force on January 23, 2023, has not addressed Nigerians’ worries as of that date.

“It is sad and disheartening that the Federal Government and its agency, the CBN, will remain so adamant about the plight of Nigerians as a direct consequence of the implementation of the Naira Redesign Policy, in spite of several interventions for review thereof in order to ameliorate the sufferings of Nigerians, leading to the damning remarks and orders by the Supreme Court as quoted above,” the letter stated in part.

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“Unfortunately, the Federal Government did not reverse course despite the Supreme Court’s unambiguous judgments regarding the unfair and misleading nature of the policy. The Supreme Court went so far as to rule that the President’s conduct was disrespectful of the Court and that the actions.

“I commend the judgment of the apex court in this matter as it not only spoke to the responsibility of the Court to the people but also its bounden duty to protect the Rule of Law and the integrity of the Court. The Supreme Court has by this judgment proven to be the Supreme Court of the people of Nigeria.”

“The legal profession, in particular the judiciary, must rise to the occasion by administering justice with such boldness and precision to comfort the people whenever public confidence in the other arms of government starts to erode. The Supreme Court acted so bravely and fearlessly in this case by doing just that.

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“The Federal Government has been given instructions by the Supreme Court for the good of the people, and there is no other course of action but to follow them. The President is required by the Constitution to follow and implement the Supreme Court’s ruling.

The NBA noted that “the decisions of the Supreme Court must be enforced in any part of the Federation by all authorities and people, and by Court with subordinate authority to that of the Supreme Court,” quoting Section 287 (1) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 Constitution (as amended).

The statement went on to say that unfounded and unfounded claims of judicial misconduct may be to blame for Nigerians’ lack of enthusiasm for the judiciary.

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“The reality is, however, that in order to safeguard our rights as citizens and ensure public life’s probity, we must continue to view the judiciary as the sole and last resort. The Supreme Court has correctly issued ORDERS to the Government on behalf of the people of this country, and those commands must be followed.

It was noted that “our form of democratic administration has come to stay; it must not only be recognized by all and sundry but also be zealously guarded and protected. The country cannot under any pretense accept or tolerate any appearance of autocracy or dictatorship.

The Supreme Court’s rulings were made with the interests of the people who elected it in mind, thus the Executive cannot afford to ignore them. This is the biggest test or challenge to our constitutional democracy.

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