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New WhatsApp feature puts users at risk of hacking- expert

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According to Mr. Jide Awe, the Chief Executive Officer of Jidaw Systems Ltd., the new WhatsApp feature may expose users to hacking or phishing attacks by online criminals.

Users of the new WhatsApp feature can access their accounts on up to four separate devices.

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In an interview with newsmen on Saturday in Lagos, Awe stated that having several devices connected to one account provides hackers more chances to access personal information or take control of the account.

However, he pointed out that WhatsApp had put in place a number of security measures, such as end-to-end encryption and remote device management, to guard against such threats.

Speaking about its benefits, he stated that by giving users more methods to access their WhatsApp accounts, the new feature will boost flexibility and convenience.

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Users can stay connected with their contacts more easily, thanks to the option to use up to four devices at once.

Users will be able to remotely manage their devices and log out of them. They may have more control over their accounts as a result, he said.

Regarding user opinions, Awe stated that individual preferences would be taken into consideration, noting that some users may find it convenient to use WhatsApp on various devices while others may choose to limit their usage to a single device.

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According to him, Mark Zuckerberg may be attempting to make WhatsApp more convenient and user-friendly in an effort to draw more users to the network.

According to Awe, it might also be an effort to stay up with other services like Telegram and Signal, both of which previously supported multiple devices.

The impact or success of the new feature, he continued, would depend on whether users accepted it or if it had any unintended repercussions.

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