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Nigeria became almost dead under Buhari – Clergyman

Rt. Rev. Dr. Babatunde Ogunbanwo, Bishop of the Diocese of Ijebu South-West, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion

Rt. Rev. Dr. Babatunde Ogunbanwo, Bishop of the Diocese of Ijebu South-West, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, stated that the country’s national life under the previous administration had changed from “being a failed state to a nation that is sleeping, dormant, lethargic, and almost dead.”

The nation is on the verge of disintegrating under the rule of president Muhammadu Buhari, the Anglican Bishop added.

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Turn Your Battles to Crosses was the theme of Ogunbanwo’s Bishop’s charge at the opening of the Fifth Synod of the Diocese, which was held at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Aiyepe-Ijebu. Ogunbanwo remarked that Nigerians had high aspirations when they voted for Buhari in 2015.

However, he claimed that by breaking his pledges to Nigerians, the president crushed the people’s hopes.

He urged Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, to fulfill all of his electoral commitments to Nigerians.

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Ogunbanwo asked Tinubu to deal with the problems caused by the untold misery inflicted on Nigerians by previous administrations, highlighting how many things have broken down in the nation.

“Almost everything that could go wrong had gone wrong,” he continued. The center can no longer support the weight of all that has disintegrated.

“Our country is indeed on the verge of disintegrating, just as it did in 2015 when Nigerians expected the new government to usher in the necessary change.

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“Many people had believed that the majority of the problems facing our nation, including insecurity, insurgency, unemployment, a lack of justice and equity, the economic downturn, unstable electricity, poverty, ongoing strikes, a lack of infrastructure, and a subpar healthcare system, would soon pass away.

“As we extend our congratulations to the incoming president, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the other newly elected officials, we hope and believe they will keep all the promises they made to the people when they assume office on May 29, 2023. We anticipate the restored Hope that was promised.

The Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, was urged by the Anglican Bishop to pay all unpaid deductions, gratuities, and salary due to active-duty and retired employees.

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He emphasized, “The condition of pensioners who have been retired for a long time yet have not got their benefits is worrying.

“Many people have passed away without getting the benefits they were due. For many families, this is difficult, and there is even no sign of hope.

“Government should be aware of the fact that due to the local economic downturn, many workers are unable to feed their families, and many of our citizens are suffering.

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“We request that our government immediately and thoroughly look into the concerns of our people and seek out a way to urgently put smiles on the faces of our pensioners.”

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