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NLC, TUC order workers to shutdown in Imo over rights violations

NLC protest

The NLC and TUC, which make up organized labor, gave workers in Imo State the order to stop providing services starting Tuesday night.

The two unions claimed that the decision was made in response to Monday’s Workers’ Day celebration being disrupted, allegedly by state government representatives.

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The downing of tools only applies to NLC and TUC affiliates in the state, according to a statement co-signed by Emmanuel Ugboaja and Nuhu Toro, the respective Secretaries-General of the NLC and TUC.

“This is to remind all affiliates of the decisions made at the joint emergency CWC meeting of the NLC and TUC where the tragic May Day development in Imo State was considered.

So, in accordance with the Joint CWC decision, all affiliates are kindly asked to issue the necessary instructions to their state council in Imo State so that they can start a complete withdrawal of their services in the state by midnight today.

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“Do be assured that the leadership of the Congress is vigilant and determined to creatively confront any anti-worker activities around the country. As a result, your involvement is essential to attaining our group’s goals.

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