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Ogoni rights activists express concerns over UNEP withdrawal

Scene of Oil spillage in Bodo City in Ghokana LGA

Environmental Rights Activists have expressed worries over the United Nations Environmental program UNEP‘s indication of pulling out of the Ogoni clean-up exercise.

The Activists who are also indigenes from Ogoni said the reason behind UNEP’s intentions to pull out from the project they recommended might not be unconnected with the fact that the Ogoni clean-up exercise was not executed in line with international best practices.

The United Nations Environmental program UNEP report recommended the clean-up of Ogoni land due to the devastating impacts of Environmental degradation in the Niger Delta region due to activities of oil exploitation.

The recent revelation by the United Nations Environmental program UNEP to pull out from the Ogoni clean-up project is giving the rights activists cause for concerns

According to them the ongoing remediation of the Ogoni environment which commenced six years ago had not met requisite International standards due to inexperienced contractors handling the project.

They say that may be the reason. They want the federal government to come out clean to tell Nigerians why UNEP is withdrawing from the project they initiated.

The recent directive by President Muhammadu Buhari for a full audit of the HYPREP account from Inception to date has been commendable, if only the outcome will not go the other way round

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