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South-South Youths Initiative President raises alarms over judicial crisis in Nigeria amidst election dispute

Saviour Imaebe Oscar

Comrade Imeabe Oscar Saviour, the National President of the South-South Youths Initiative, has expressed grave concerns about the recent developments surrounding the election petition tribunal and presidential elections in Nigeria.

Saviour contends that the rule of law is in jeopardy, as the judiciary‘s actions have cast doubt on its commitment to justice.

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He emphasizes that the judiciary, often seen as the bastion of justice, has failed in its duty to uphold justice, leading to widespread disillusionment among the populace.

Saviour laments the absence of genuine justice and the prevalence of what he terms “kangaroo justice” and “compromised rulings” in the recent tribunal’s decisions.

He expected the judiciary to stand as a beacon of integrity and fairness, but recent events have painted a different picture.

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Instead of maintaining independence, Saviour accuses the judiciary of seeking political appointments, thereby compromising its principles and integrity.

The National President of the South-South Initiative calls for a renewed commitment to justice and a fair electoral process, emphasizing that Nigeria’s fate lies in the judiciary’s hands.

Saviour expresses concern that the judiciary seems to target common citizens rather than holding those in power accountable.

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He points out that the current political landscape appears to favour the wealthy over the poor, and he urges measures to address this imbalance.

Regarding the way forward, Saviour encourages the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and the LabourParty, Peter Obi, to pursue their cases at the Supreme Court, despite the prevailing lack of confidence in the judiciary.

He believes that the Supreme Court’s judgment could play a pivotal role in restoring faith in the Nigerian judicial system.

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Saviour also warns that continued disenchantment with the judiciary could lead to civil unrest and calls upon Nigerians to remain patient and vigilant.

In conclusion, Comrade Imeabe Oscar Saviour emphasizes the need for the judiciary to regain the trust of the Nigerian people and uphold its mandate of delivering justice.

He calls for transparency and independence within the judiciary and expresses hope that the Supreme Court will rise to the occasion and provide a fair and just resolution to the ongoing electoral dispute.

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Giving Nigerians renewed hope in their country’s democratic processes.

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