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Wife beats husband for inquires about her association with Pastor in Aba

Aba town

In Aba, Abia State, a middle-aged woman reportedly assaulted her husband on Thursday following a dispute over her relationship with a local pastor residing in their neighborhood.

The incident occurred on Ukonu Street, located off Ajah-Ngwa Road in the Aba South area. Although the woman’s full identity remains undisclosed, she is a mother of three and an active member of the pastor’s church.

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The altercation between the couple escalated when the husband questioned the woman’s actions, particularly her dedication to providing the pastor with a higher quality and quantity of food compared to what she offered at home.

Witnesses reported that the woman reacted angrily to her spouse’s observation, resorting to physical violence by slapping, pushing, and restraining him on the ground.

It was only when concerned neighbors intervened that the situation was diffused.

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In response to the incident, an anonymous elderly resident in the vicinity voiced concerns about the pastor’s rumored flirtations with young women, even in the presence of their spouses.

While no formal accusations have been made against the pastor, the resident emphasized the need for authorities to monitor the activities of new-generation churches to ensure they serve their intended purpose of promoting moral values and not contributing to marital discord.

He also urged young women to exercise caution and not be swayed by persuasive rhetoric from leaders of such religious groups.

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