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US-based women advocate Gillian Okafor rejects INEC results, to hold press conference  

Gillian Okafor

The founder of the US-based foundation, Women Advocacy for Good Governance Restoration, Gillian Okafor had reacted to the February 25th Nigeria Presidential and National Assembly elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Okafor who spoke exclusively with The Nigerian Press in the United States said the foundation, monitored the election back home, working hand in hand with women in Nigeria, and through social media platforms, and from what they got was total disappointing as the electoral umpire failed to conduct a free and fair poll devoid of flaws.

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The activist pointed out that the good people of Nigeria have once been dispossessed of a rare opportunity to right the wrongs and the abysmal failures of the outgoing Muhammadu Buhari-APC-led eight years administration.

Okafor pointed out that the results of outcome can never be regarded as a product of a credible process as INEC shifted the goal post severally to favour a prearranged candidate.

The group leader said the results of the election do not reflect the wishes of the Nigerian voters who expended so much to ensure that they can breathe a fresh air but only to have their hopes dashed, “It breaks our hearts here in America. Some women are depressed because of the results”.

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As a first step in expressing their displeasure with the election, Okafor revealed that; “What I am saying is we are holding a press conference because of disappointment and disagreements of the 2023 election, because it’s so obvious that something didn’t go right. So, at this time at this point, I will say that the ground at which we want to have this press conference is to ventilate our views and minds on the carnage done the Nigerian people, the Government in power and its agent, the INEC.

“Can you imagine, INEC becomes the employee as well as the employer. INEC is to protect the law, the election and the electoral law, to give us results.”

She adds that following the outcome of the polls, the women instead of rejoicing, they are crying. “Some people did not eat their dinner. So, how long do we continue to be falling like this. We women need change for our country, we need to make things happen.”

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Okafor berated the electoral umpire for not being neutral and independent and being partisan in the conduct of its official duties.

The US-based Nigerian women activist hereby called on Nigerians, and the world at large to come to Nigeria’s rescue and help save Nigerians from the current situation it is going through so that Nigeria can a great nation again.

“So that is why we can’t keep quiet in this situation as if we did not know that something happened. We are calling on Nigerians and the World. To help save the situation that has come upon Nigeria. Everybody must stand up for us to have a better country. If it’s good for Nigeria, it will be good for everybody and every country in the world”, said Okafor.

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